Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Lion

Other than my family I love lots of things. 

Sometimes I can't decide what I love most, or it changes when I see something else in my toy box that I have forgotten about.  I love Mack trucks, tractors, diggers, trains, dinosaurs, Pooh Bear, sharks, crocodiles, swimming, Lightening McQueen, and lots more.  One thing I always love is lions. 

I am always asking my Mummy to draw different things for me and she is pretty good at it, but recently I have been asking for a picture of me riding my lion.  She thought this was too hard for her, so made a couple of requests to friends.  I was so excited when my Mummy showed me the picture that Matt had done for me.

That is me riding my lion.

My lion does not eat rabbits, he eats carrots.

My Daddy is going to get it printed and put it in a frame for my bedroom wall - I am so excited, thank you Matt :D


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