Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Lion

Other than my family I love lots of things. 

Sometimes I can't decide what I love most, or it changes when I see something else in my toy box that I have forgotten about.  I love Mack trucks, tractors, diggers, trains, dinosaurs, Pooh Bear, sharks, crocodiles, swimming, Lightening McQueen, and lots more.  One thing I always love is lions. 

I am always asking my Mummy to draw different things for me and she is pretty good at it, but recently I have been asking for a picture of me riding my lion.  She thought this was too hard for her, so made a couple of requests to friends.  I was so excited when my Mummy showed me the picture that Matt had done for me.

That is me riding my lion.

My lion does not eat rabbits, he eats carrots.

My Daddy is going to get it printed and put it in a frame for my bedroom wall - I am so excited, thank you Matt :D


Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Bike

I got lots of great things for Christmas, and one of those things was my first bike, it was also one of the last presents that I was allowed to open.  I was so excited when I opened it ...

I was still a little short to ride it on my own straight away, but I still had a good go at it (well how does anyone expect me to be tall when I am named after a dwarf?)

But in a proof of strength I decided I could just as easily carry it around with me.  I got to ride it around the house with help and a bit around the garden until I got my bike helmet from my Gran and Grandad, and then the lowering kit arrived so that I could ride it completely on my own.

Today I was allowed to ride it all the way to Church and back.

It was so much fun even if I am easily distracted!

I still need to grow a little more then I will be able to scoot even faster.  Well I am exhausted from all my biking today, so I am off to bed. PS, my friends Noah and Eden loved it at Church too, but I am good at sharing so they got to use it too :D

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look out Nursery – Here I Come!

I turned 18 months last Tuesday, so I got to go into Nursery today.  I walked there myself, holding Dadda’s hand, and Mamma took a couple of pictures, but I didn’t bother looking at her much – there were too many things to do!

 'Er, why are you still here Mamma??'

Mamma opened the door to check on me a couple of times, and see that I’d had the little snack that she’d prepared, but I was already back to playing by the time she nipped in.  Then it was time for drawing.  I’ve never drawn with coloured pencils before (we have Aquadoodles) so Mamma says I did well not coming out with my beige shorts as a rainbow!  Here is my first colouring picture:

 (I like orange T-shirts)

 'These go in here, don't they?'

My teacher told Mamma that I’m very independent and that I’d been happily entertaining myself a lot of the time.  


I wasn’t too happy when the toys were put away, as we were supposed to listen to the song and story, and someone I didn't know tried to pick me up, so I didn’t like that much.  My friend’s mum (we go to swimming classes together) gave me a hug instead, so then I was fine and carried on playing!

'They hide the toys over there!'

 'I'm fine, go to your class, Mamma!'

When Mamma came to collect me, I just ran straight out and into the Young Men’s classroom...  I’ll be there before you know it!  :D

 'Yeay!!  Nursery is GRRRREAT!!'